Screen Between exhibition at South Bend Museum of Art
LVL_UP! interactive installation
Conveyor Belt for LVLUP!
Detail, LVLUP! conveyor belt
Detail of gems made by participants in LVLUP!
LVLUP! Title Screen
detail of LVLUP! Title Screen
Installation view, Screen Between
Choose Your Own Adventure interactive video-game
Kryzzik is waiting for you to Choose Your Own Adventure
Detail, power rock game controller
You are in a Maze of Twisty Little Passages Title Screen (Zork)
Detail, You are in a Maze...
Installation view, Screen Between
Hidden Location I & II
Installation view, Screen Between
Otherkin:  Gnomekin
Friends of Otherkin!
After Ours are friends of Otherkin!
This is a Wondrous Item
Family Day event at South Bend Museum of Art!
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