Artist Statement

I use games as a a medium for sculpture and installation.   Popular videogames are a basis for artworks that amplify play-conditions or are directly interrupted, subverted or adapted (through computational means or game-based performance). 3D digital objects and characters are directly extracted from videogames, rebuilt, and reinterpreted for physical spaces.  I create my own game systems and objects under the guise of interactive sculpture. My research also questions the culture of gaming—expanding the perception of the gendered nature of these spaces--and imparts the emotional impact games can have in/on real life. 

Edge Effect + DIY Aesthetic

When two drastically different landscapes border one another (a forest and a meadow, for example), the biodiversity along the boundary of the two terrains is highly diverse; more diverse than in each terrain independently.  In ecological terms, this is known as an edge effect. The bordering and intermingling of physical and digital medias in my installations produce a kind of edge effect.  In terms of an art ecology, the bordering terrains are the disciplines of Sculpture and New Media.  Like an edge effect, I aim to diversify audience perception of the disciplines of Sculpture and New Media through their bordering in my installations.

Formally-influenced by DIY maker culture, my interactive artworks and installations are designed and fabricated towards what is comforting and inviting for the viewer.  Works are intentionally imperfect (and all-together human), and pathetically optimistic.   Material choices are commonplace (cotton, pine, paper), processes are handspun and homemade (quilting, papercraft, woodworking, screenprinting).  Digitally-produced objects or images are glitched, databent, and intentionally made imperfect.   Even electronic components are humble—webcams, DIY haunted house electronics, personal/practice amplifiers, etc.   In the interests of expanding what constitutes a game, and what games can be, I actively subvert the slick, pristine façade of contemporary gaming objects and devices. 


Krista Hoefle is an artist and gamer from the Midwest. She exhibits her work nationally, and is represented by Aron Packer Projects (Chicago).  Recent exhibitions and screenings include:

Krista has had artist residencies at Anchor Graphics (Chicago, IL) and The Experimental Television Center (Owego, NY), and was a Visiting Artist at the Sage Art Center, University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) and the University of Tennessee (Knoxville, TN). Her work has been reviewed in regional and national publications such as Sculpture Magazine, Art Papers, The Wall Street Journal and TimeOut Chicago.

For more information, see Krista's CV.